Chat with friends and chat about art and games, play hide and seek, spray confetti, Kick watermelons!
Live streaming of talks, workshops and performances on several screens.
This space is your 3D Multiplayer Culture Experience.
Beside independent games we support the rise of arthouse games and playful media, digital art and immersive installations.
This space will be playable in virtual reality (planned for Summer 2021) for a more immersive experience.


a 3D multiplayer event space

Explore our digital space. Play artistic games in curated exhibitions, discover digital artworks and immersive installations - works you have never interacted with like before.


a constantly fresh curated programme

Celebrate and jump to music live streams. Listing to talks and watch lets play sessions in the space with friends together.


Become part of a global community

Become part of our global games and art community. This experience is for up to 500+ multiplayers.


A MAZE. / SPACE is a growing experience.

Content and technology is evolving with updates which grow and expand the accessibility of the space and with new ways to show art.


A 3D immersive culture space

This 3D immersive culture space presents fresh opportunities to game creators, musicians, artists, galleries, event organizers and partners to interact with their audiences, but also to open up to new scenes too.

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Your exhibition, your festival

Your event hosted in the A MAZE. / SPACE? Our team can consult you in creating a customized and unforgettable digital experience for your audience.