Blog - December 12, 2020

The Brain 6 - Playful Media Residency


Theme: “Home is not a place - Home is a feeling“
Curated by Thorsten S.Wiedemann

Sound artist and composer Camille Delafon (FR) has been developing interactive sound modules in the virtual 3D multiplayer venue A MAZE / SPACE through a one-week residency, The Brain 6. We now invite you to the process sharing of the residency, to discover and play with the sound modules hidden in the virtual space.

The installation will premiere on Saturday 28 November from 6pm and will be active throughout all of December.

The installation on the theme: “Home is not a place. Home is not a feeling.” is a collaborative work piece including the following:

- Concept and composition: Camille Delafon (FR)

- Lead Designer: Gianluca Pandolfo (DE)

- Programmer: Stefan Insam (DE)

- 3D Artist: Moshe Linke (DE)

Artist Bio

Camille Delafon is a composer and a trained as a classical and jazz pianist. She is teaching Sound analysis and creation in Cinema School ESRA in Bruxelles. In 2017 she was laureat of the contest Emergence whose jury is composed by some of the best french composers/critics of music for films.

The Brain 6 is initiated by Institut français Deutschland and Institut français Suède in partnership with A MAZE.

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